Who We Are

VICTUS is an independent and family-owned company. Commitment to serve the Hungarian food processing and packaging market with top European equipment and technology is the main pillar of our organization. Geographical proximity to our customers is essential while offering excellence in technology transfer and technical after-sales service. We represent European or world leaders in their own field of activity and strive to achieve long-established relationships with our clients based on trust, respect and sincerity.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We are the key to your food processing and packaging solutions. We can create new concepts from existing components of our suppliers and combine them in such a way to offer unique technologies which will increase your competitive edge and differentiated profile on the food market.

Our Story

Our Story

We combine basic knowledge in food science and latest technical innovations to form new ideas for the Hungarian food processor. We were many times the initiator of pioneer ideas accepted by our long-year customers. Today our reputation is narrowly connected to excellence in the planning phase and sales as well as follow-through of our projects

Our Values

Our Values

Our values define who we are and are fundamental beliefs of our company. They guide our daily actions and behavior and influence the way we work with each other and how we serve our business partners. Our principles are enlightened through integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity and solution orientation in every possible situation.



Our company in Vienna is a renown consulting company focused in the areas of meat processing and packaging. Sausage casings and shrinkable barrier packaging materials are the main focus of expertise. We are worldwide in direct contact with the casing and film producing industry as well as the meat industry.

Food Industry Solutions


Fine to coarse comminution and mixing are the specialities of our two first class brands: INOTEC and SEYDELMANN. Bowl cutters, grinders, emulsifiers, mixers, mixer grinders and other related equipment are within the scope of our delivery program, after-sales service and support when developing or improving existing products.

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Inotec Emulsifier

Filling & Portioning

Vacuum filling and portioning are the basis of this complex field dominated by one world-class company HANDTMANN with which VICTUS is associated three decades even before it was founded. Nowadays Handtmann covers even a broader field ranging from manually operated filling device to high-tech automatic solutions with hanging lines to 3-D forming solutions in the meat, dairy, confectionery, bakery and other food industries.

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Handtmann Vacuum Filler

Maturing & Drying

Equipment for salting, curing, drying, pre-aging of raw hams, fermenting and drying of salami as well as cheese products are our profession. Our partner TRAVAGLINI in this sector is the global leader with most sophisticated references all over the world where automation, product quality and efficient design are so outstanding that the name TRAVAGLINI has become synonym of this kind of equipment.

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Slicing & Automatization

WEBER is undoubtedly the world leader in slicing and automatization of sliced meat and cheese products. VICTUS is associated with WEBER for more than 25 years in Hungary accumulating high level of knowledge in this specialized field. As WEBER equipment develops more and more in high-tech equipment solutions VICTUS´s support has become crucial for successful non-stop operations. The WEBER Group also includes TEXTOR high-speed slicers which follow the concept smart-and-easy.

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Weber Slicer S6

Packaging & Marking

SEALPAC is a top brand with regard to packaging machines in the food industry. SEALPAC has obtained a leading position on a very demanding market whether it concerns traysealers or thermoformers. Continuos improvements of equipment and constant innovations of new packaging styles and functional solutions have led SEALPAC to a high level of excellence setting even higher standards in the food industry.

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Sealpac A10

Filling, Dosing &
Ultra-Clean Packaging

GRUNWALD is a reliable partner in dosing, filling and packing for several decades and has become a synonym of high standards. GRUNWALD is a technology leader in rotary and linear machines as well as bucket filling machines. GRUNWALD is at home in many food sectors such as the dairy industry but also very present in all other food sectors involving high precision filling and dosing combined with ultra-clean packaging including handling equipment to automize highly complex work flows.

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Clean Room Technology for Slicing & Packaging

A clean room is a restricted space in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled. Once a product (chub, piece, sausage log, ham or cheese block, etc.) is sliced its surface open to contamination is increased by an exponential factor. In order to prevent this contamination, the sliced product is placed in a high quality environment with controlled hygienic conditions until it is packed/sealed so that it cannot be re-contaminated.

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Travaglini Clean Room




The Anuga Foodtec 2024 in Cologne will take place 19th- 22nd March 2024.

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Anuga FoodTec 2024

FoodTec 2024

19th - 22nd March 2024

Cologne, Germany